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We train drivers Exceptional!!

We create unique experiences.
Drive with safety, independence and cooperation is our goal.
The training of exceptional drivers is our passion today and tomorrow.

We are different.

Loans to the challenges

We know your frustrations and concerns, so we'll work closely with you; Last year alone, we have taught more than 700 students.

We are passionate

Available when you we need

We believe in consistency and customization, so we are here when you need us, busy schedule? No problem, we can arrange an appointment for you. We offer courses that many schools cannot afford to offer!

We are Cool

Learn with confidence

Our classes are unique and special, the contents of our groundschool recently had one set point. Our courses will give you the confidence that other schools are unable to provide!

We are professionals

We have gear on street

We set the source of the problem to solve. You will be proud.

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Feedback of our students

Best driving school I am attending. Thanks to Samir and George I improve my driving every class because every class they push me to be better. Thank you Sonic Driving School. Marc Hossam

Excellent service Monem Agrebi

It's perfect Hamza Atbi

Sonic Auto Ecole


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Sonic Auto Ecole


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When you are good-no-s in something, do it for a change.


Road safety education program

Theoretical and Practical Courses                                            If you do not have a license, you must start from here. The program lasts 13 months. The theoretical courses consist of twelve classroom sessions of two hours. Lessons                                            Practices consist of five sessions in the                                            car 55 minutes. For more information,                                            visit: SAAQ

Driving course

Hands on the wheel

You have your permit apprentice? Looking for someone with that practice? We offer courses on an hourly or per package.

Car rental

For your exam

The average price of a car hire varies between 35$-60$, we offer a support service for examination. This includes an hour of practice before the exam. This is a warm-up. Put your chances on your side

Customer service

We are the guardian angels of time: we will establish your schedule according to your agenda! We can guide you if you're lost in program. No matter the concerns, send us an email.


Nous vendons des livres, accès au questionnaire d'examen


What you need

Top staff always at your service and with a smile

Our dynamic team

Our school is run by trusted people, intuitive and innovative, young dynamic and smiling. Our Trainer team is ready to welcome you



CFTR degree, bus driver à la québécoise and more than 10 years of experience in driving school.



Diploma in international marketing, with more than 5 years of experience in marketing and training.

Compulsory course programme is in force since January 17, 2010. The training is divided into 4 phases where alternate modules and readout.

Road Safety Program


Phase 1

10 h theory

Phase 2

4 h theoretical and 4 h practices

Phase 3

6 h theoretical and 6 h practices


4 h theoretical and 5 h practices

Prior to permit ac

5 h theoretical courses with a duration of 2 hours each. The 5th module is a theoretical examination that allows the student to obtain his learner driver licence has the SAAQ. There must be a minimum period of 28 days between the theory and the theoretical examination. There must be a period of 12 months between the learner driver permit and final examination.

Conduct directed

- 4 outputs on the road
- 2 theoretical courses: the #6 theory deals with the attendant. Any parent who wishes to obtain advice and additional information may be present.

Conduct Semi-directed

- 6 outputs on the road
- 3 theoretical courses
-Once the phase 3 completed, you must make an appointment for a theoretical consideration at the SAAQ(10 mois après l'obtention de l'apprenti-conducteur)

Conduct Semi-directed independent

-The last exit on the road shall be the day of the examination. We supply the car for this review.
-5 outputs on the road:
-Output 12/13: an hour of observation and an hour's drive. The school will combine 2 students together for this mandatory exit in the driving schedule.
-2 theoretical courses
-The last exit on the road shall be the day of the examination, we provide you with the car for this review.

Pricing Plans

We offer prices continuously still cheaper with a serive meulleir and effective supervision.


10 hours of practice in car

6 hours of practice in car

12 hours of practice in car

Rental for SAAQ exam $40.00

Contact us to find out more about prices

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