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We create unique experiences.
Driving with safety, independence and cooperation is our goal.
The training of exceptional drivers is our passion today and tomorrow.

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Ready for the challenges

We know your frustrations and concerns, so we will work closely with you. Last year alone, we taught over 700 students.

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Learn with confidence

Our classes are unique and special, the content of our theoretical courses has recently had a refinement. Our practical classes will give you the confidence that other schools fail to provide!

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Available when you need us

We believe in consistency and customization, so we’re here when you need us. Busy schedule? No problem, we can schedule an appointment for you. We offer courses that many schools can’t afford to offer!

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We have gear on street.

We set the source of the problem to solve. You will be proud.


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What We Do



Road safety education program

If you do not have a license, you must start from here. The program is spread over 13 months. Theoretical courses consist of 12 classroom sessions of 2 hours. The practical courses consist of 15 sessions in the car of 55 minutes. For more information, visit: SAAQ

Customer Service

We are the guardian angels of time: we will set your schedule according to your agenda! We can guide you if you are lost in a program. Whatever the concern, just send us an email.

Driving Courses

Hands on the wheel

Do you have your learner’s permit? Looking for someone to practice with? We offer courses by the hour or by the package.


We sell books, access to the exam questionnaire.

Car Rental

For your exam

The average price of a car rental varies between $35 and $60. We offer an accompanying service for the practical exam. This includes one hour of practice before the exam. This is a warm-up. Put the odds on your side.


What you need

Top staff always at your service and with a smile.

Our dynamic team

Our school is run by people you can trust, intuitive and innovative, young, dynamic and smiling. Our team of trainers is ready to welcome you.

Ecole Conduite Sonic Instructeur



CFTR degree, bus driver at « La Québécoise » and more than 10 years of experience in driving school.

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George is a 2016 graduate of the AECQ, he has over 5 years of experience as an instructor at the driving school.

The mandatory course program is in effect since January 17, 2010.

The training is divided into 4 phases with alternating modules and outings.

Road Safety Program


Pre-requisite for learner’s permit

5 theory courses of 2 hours each. The 5th module is a theory exam that allows the student to obtain his learner’s permit from the SAAQ. There must be a minimum of 28 days between the first theory and the theory test. There must be a minimum of 12 months between the learner’s permit and the final practical exam.

Steered driving

– 4 road trips
– 2 theory courses: theory #6 is about the accompanying person. Any parent who wishes to obtain additional information and advice can attend.

Semi-directed driving

– 6 road trips
– 3 theory courses
– Once Phase 3 is completed, you must make an appointment for a theory test at the SAAQ (10 months after obtaining your learner’s permit).

Semi-directed to autonomous driving

– The last road trip is scheduled on the day of the practical test. We provide the car for this test.
– 5 road trips:
– Exits 12 and 13: one hour of observation and one hour of driving. The school will pair 2 students together for this mandatory trip in the driving program.
– 2 theory courses
– The last road trip is scheduled on the day of the exam, we provide the car for this exam.

Ecole Conduite Sonic Formation


We always offer lower prices with better service and efficient support.


6 hours of practice in car

10 hours of practice in car

12 hours of practice in car

Rental for SAAQ exam: $40.00

Contact us to find out more about prices



Active learner drivers


Passed the exam since 2015


km on average per class